In the Wind I spun
Three arrows drawn
Uphill tilting in this
Wind below
Furrowed brow and tested focus
This is all there is
To her hocus pocus
Kept in drawn and waiting stance,
Trembling less but then
More again
In this direction
The one un-predicted
Leaving some others
Quite betwixt-ed
Read out loud and read alone
This undone story
[meant to be the best-est
Story of all her stories]
Ripened and hardened
Perfected because all that was un-rested by reason by logic by science
Found some reason within her screaming
These scribbled words & drags of charcoal
From her soul\’s bottomless bowl
Flowing outward and onto 
Someone she once knew
But she blew it,
(Somehow missing it)
Aug 20, 2015

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