Affinity Missed

While you are close
and your breath falls to shoulder
This mind races with the sensation
of souls commingling…
here and now I am yours
endeavoring to join you in anything
you are venturing towards

what is this skin to skin
but electrons dancing
bodies responding
swirling (mingling merging, blended in the mixture of) emotions
both mine and yours
of all you are and all I am,
here and now

there could be phantasmal screams
calling me away,
and yet I am in your
gravitational pull;
I persist
[spellbound] in your orbit
created by your intrinsic brightness
and opposing depth of melancholia
and witticism;
within the safe margins of your
unconfined within your
I surrender to be tethered to you
spinning in infinity
dizzy and weakened
willingly succumbing to all
you may desire from me

Let it not rest as an ephemeral embrace,
for in these moments
I have learned how to live
how to love and how to be

[Until abruptly expelled upon
one world from another
(waking from) 
the (false and delicious) 
of my sequestered dreaming]
I felt odd all day
as if to determine
if I had been
or if I still was
here or there
more real]


(JETodd 2015)

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