And Back Again

This is it 
There isn\’t any more
What it all comes down to 
Is that it really was all a bore;
Following rules and being good;
Doing what a \”good girl\” should…
At least that\’s where I had stood

Until now 
Every now and then
We all get the chance
to stand
            —on the line— 
Wondering how one could smudge it
Without crossing it,  
Wondering if anyone had tried, 
Or at least thought it and lied.

  -on    the   other   hand-

Boredom is a dangerous thing
And recklessness is its sibling
[spelled in my head
As \”bore-dumb (ness)\”]

So standing here, 
I can tell that I am *bored*, 
But will only proceed now
With conscious view 
Of what I am aiming toward.

Everything else is a test
To trust myself and do 
[even if it is
my expected and boring]
*Blessed* best

(JETodd 2015)

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