No longer from
But toward
tickled & pinked
Your beautiful way

Lifted up and out of shell
Once Slept in
Hollow clicking bouncing
Then arms [or thick fingers]
Pulled me slickly;
but not stickily)
Something rickety;
Tippy which
Rumbled then crumbled
Plucked justly? in time?
[I have no rhyme]
Weighty enough to hold you
With squiggled desperation
[And still unfulfilled]
Believe you me
I was in deep
Could you hear it?
One part desired your finding out
And making it plain as any of his days…
Another covered mouth and mind
And dug leaving all behind
Did i dream it?

Can i taste it again?
Within friended walls your you-ness;
Unforgettable as mango custard
Touching tongue
Sliding in

Can >You<
Please set this straight?

(Messiness blessed her
Mind the buttons
While undressed!
Surrendering with suppressed grin
Then whispering breath to ear:
“I want you to win.
All you must do
Is begin.”


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