Blessings To All, However You Grieve

To the quieter ones
Whose sobbing is within
Behind things and what has been
May you find comfort in chosen sanctuary, 
As the absence of your lights
gives notice and
Casts the longest shadows
In these our living rooms…
Blessings to all, however you grieve.
To the humorous and awkward
Whose grieving pulls at their center
And sometimes knocks another off their own…
May you share your healing grins, 
with our children within[s] and 
laugh with us as some great meditation…
Or instant vacation…
From our pain that holds breath in,
Let us begin…
breathing and give blessings…
Blessings to all, however you grieve.
To those who spare no one,
The obviousness of despair,
We thank you for courageously 
bringing us to this place of remembering
and for reminding us why we are here
And how in many ways, 
We are without means yet to repair
The pain of departure…
remind us still that it is just
Reunion delayed
As absence planted reaps the deepest 
Appreciation and Light
On the enduring love within our lives
Blessings [and love] to all, however you grieve.
J.E. Todd  July 22, 2016 
For the Pawlaks without Busia

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