For These Recruits

More than a hundred maybe even two
they came and were released like helium balloons roaming clouds but here, here it is not clouds but space where we once sang, and prayed, and danced…
here we wonder why
we have no place no community space
to share our grief, our triumphs, 
no equalled time to gather strength in facing personal fears and nurturing empowerment 
to each other and ourselves,
in a familiar, loving and enriching spiritual environment
Instead they wonder and we fight and speak to their plight to regain their right as freely given other religions
Divisions caused by flawed decisions
of (e)quality assured but under blankets of cordiality and equalled parlances of trickery.  Making a mockery of our spiritual inclinations- perhaps to boost his own over another\’s, where not all men are brothers- It is \”them and their own\” and against \”the others\”

We intend to be heard beyond this hand over our mouth.  We the voice that causes your insanity or invokes your unfounded fears.  We have been fighting for years.  We never fight unless we know we can win.  
Now you know, though we have already begun to build again or pursue other avenues to get through to you what you have undone
will be renewed again

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