This Plainly Jane-d juggernaut dreaming
Worlds of kind living yet still one of losing,
but instead of life and wonder,
it would be just little things like keys and minds in ecstatic jubilation 
We touched and changed
Each other in the clothes we wore 
Out and about 
Jiggling free and kind of creepily
But very unbelievably
In worlds Jane dreamt
She imagined that she knew
Mostly nothing having glimpsed
Or perceived something that encompassed her and him and them and those
Everything from head to toes
It magnified how little we knows
She explained magnificently
A vessel emptied can be filled
With what Jane thickened without those pills, 
recommended (parroted really) from the pusher\’s very untested stills
Yes concoctions abound, between scenes we\’d know,
some whispered warnings, under breath as one that slinks so would do; 
To our turning back and in our wondering of what exactly these things were supposed to do again

I digress, I digress
This plainly Jane-d juggernaut dreaming
Left the creatures who left her reeling in
Melancholic madness
Who has room or time for such sadness?! 
Cast it out for something new
It is Better than just being through
(2016 JET)

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