Like No Other

There is no other
To talk with or to
And my simple uneducated
Mind cannot possibly have something of worth to hear
But do
Play with crayons and pasta
Its the best gilded things of glitter and strings
And at least you\’ll get an \’aw\’
Or what the heck
Or whatever

Its just a decade or a decade and a half or so
Perhaps you need nothing but to let go of this ridiculous dream
Where you are valued beyond a slavery to the daily grind
Only those of stellar mind
Or big-boobed beauty win the prize(s) as the valued in some duty.
No more the world says 
Have we the need for some 
Spaghetti-ed monster or plague of some ancient calls to ward off greed.  If not in service then why care if you bled blood or salted water.  Who- but some beings daughter can convince another.

Just as the plastic wrapped frozen bones broke upon impact
Shattering what was usually supple and soft, cracking and noisily echoing through the metal doors.  Their bodies slid together in some morbid pinball before the addition of others 
Stacked and cracked 
Through their thawing 
Door squeezed shut- tis full

Nothing is exactly what it all means

Say no more cause you
Have no talent nor
Worthy words
You silly emotional thing

Just obediently be entertained
And buy the useless bling

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