Logic Meltdown

a future self elucidates…

Violence and TOrturE
their entertainment
of triggers, revenge, and bleeding
beatings and shock
{senseless?-Does any violence make sense? } 

HorroR kepts us
entangled in suspense
the point was to enjoy it, no?

Of Liberty, blood and tyrants
but this was different
What of intellect and humor 
the arts and ingenuity?
It all became sacrificial for some –
as they thought at the time-
some greater sense of Duty…

their newly proselytized pantheon 
wore pricey three-piece suits 
where each thread was made from stolen dreams of working peoples;
that vacation canceled; time and memories together taken; 
that medication or doctor visit recommended but not afforded, or the illness not found;
that repair not made- that left them stranded, and not landing on two feet again. 
Pricey suits- yes indeedy
off the lives of the [deserving but] needy
simply replaceable sheeple,
crowding under this business steeple   

Lives were claimed and framed in \”the almighty business model\”
the bottom line brought to throne
above blood and bone and decency
a new regency of despair and 
overwhelming disrepair
disregarding even those 
who still kissed the ring
of the one
behind them (all the way)
but in a different way 
they would discover
when they could no longer recover 
the best we ALL have lost forever

But understand that to create this pantheon
You had to believe it
and that WAS their trick and game
we were all stung and to blame
it would never be the same
Many refused to see it- 
been fooled and led around by tools of the rich and unaccountable 
[but oh so entertaining
eat it up 

[I guess we will see what we become
and have to answer to someone sometime
how we could be at one time
so brave and strong 
or so flaccid and dumb]

(JETodd 2015)

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