M*A*S*H Up

Audio Version of M*A*S*H Up
“Father Mulcahy (William Christopher), M*A*S*H, 10.03 (1981) Courtesy of An Obsession A Week”
Nothing hotter
Col. Potter
Except maybe
Father Mulcahy
Doing duty to 
Man and God
Each in their own
 -way that's odd
And un -usual
Rare even 
Beyond believin'
Revolving around 
And respect
And honor
And fragility
And humility
With Can-can-Like
No wonder I like cowboys
And rainbows
As one captured
Years ago
By the characters portrayed
And mirrors held up
Of the struggle
I didn't quite get
(Just yet, anyways,)
And that of 'sisu'
(That's 'courage, fortitude, and guts' to you...)
Those are my heroes
And that which I see 
in you
That which is all you may see
Or be
Or do.
You are special
And un- usual too!

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