(or Summary of several random country music songs)

Shading his eyes,
the dingy brim of a well worn
framed a smile, 
boy-like; once rapscallion 
but now all man
hardened by responsibility
sharpened by failure
toned by endurance demanded
in it for the long haul
what ever it takes
after and through 
breaks and high stakes
leave it to a woman to 
cause some shakes
in his towered structure
fracture maker that she is
speaking with snakes
offering apples and such
before this \”she-devil\” arrived
He had better luck
they said

He said
he surmised or reckoned
she just liked his truck,
but he\’d love her forever and anyways,
for she allowed him 
(With some unspeakable power?)

to keep drinking beer and whisky,
to hang his trophy;
a several pointed buck,
and quite liked his tractor and Chevy
still spinning in lots of muck

(JETodd 2015)

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