Suspense so great that it 
confounds my thoughts
tightens and tensions 
What is to come next may be
that something great anticipated
(or something that squashes more possibilities than it creates.  Either way, I will not be the same after 
I offer memorial here, each word a petal, each sentence a flower, each paragraph a bouquet]- dare I try without a picture painted for you?  
I could lie.  so could you.  
were it was were it true 
ah- I think we all make due.
reckoning things is like an oblong pin
thick in the middle (tho sucking it in)
a tiny point pierces, then extends bouyantly 
bending backward and through the threaded end.
Its quite enough when my breath 
seems held 


between time and space

the pale form closed his onyx eyes
tilting head, tightens lips and nodded

heart racing out before soul stretching

( then I )


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