Where would one get such a sharpened tongue?
One must wonder
what world would wind one so tightly?
And at what point can one wield it well?
Does thy tongue dull with time or get sharper still-
 by the day?  Were you always this way?
No one would choose to be so tightly wound – I say…
but that one\’s ready
ready to go
to go off
go off and 
do what you do
because of what happened
happened to you

Soul spits venom 
at random victims
all just symptoms 
of the sickness
of exposed weakness
and battled business
I don\’t want to witness
what you become
or are  revealed to be
nor can I wait to see
what deal may be struck
you\’re out of that thing 
called luck
you son of a buck.
I refuse to give a

you and your sharpened tongue.  

(JETodd 2015)

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