I thought I could feel myself
then I was sure of it
how long does it take?
As long as it does.

Drifting.  And sifting
finding you
I really had no idea what
I should do
I wandered to the place
where I could see
you best
in the intense vibrance
of sharing space 
we read
a children\’s book
Conveying the importance 
of obeying your parents
Masterly planted and read
But heard nothing that was said 
out loud 
yet chemically or spiritually we believed 
every message sent

How quickly we bloomed into each other\’s lives 
and yet ebbed forward without the other.  
Forever was too long for me,
And it was forever since I met you. 
 I could not ever really forget -and for some time, 
I wanted to. 

I hope you found her 
and that happiness is mostly your everyday.  
It would warm my heart after hoping it for you for so long. 
Wondering where was that someone 
who had to be better for you than me
And of course you and she
Are blessed with those beautiful three
Sounds like you are more than lucky

I pray are you well,
Its difficult to tell, for I must buy what you sell.

{Only you would be aloud to slay that dragon mister,
Poke at my weakness and call me sister,
Frazzled and tripping
from secret keepings
Of others
And my desire for
Skyclad honesty
Beastly yes indeed-y
Let me not come off as needy
[Crazy, but harmless-maybe]}

How should I hold 
-this which we once had in hand?
Better than before
How should I hold
-who you are now?
Gently and reverently

I understand
(I think, but have no say anyway)

my strange friend
of dramatic ends

(JETodd 2015)

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