what wouldn\’t reveal 
but would paint its likeness 
with these disharmonious buttons?

I will bare all 
to say 
that the worst for me 
would be 
to be misunderstood
Each thought is weighed and noted 
and sifted and sorted 
and considered as thoroughly as one should

It\’s already there,
It\’s already in me.  
I am not lacking
anything I am needing. 
to convey what I intend for you to hear.  
It\’s already there,
It\’s already 
all ready 
freshly painted or squeezed and directed, now please
forgive that it took all week.
Was it all too bleak?
Is it annoying
Simple or flawed
I wonder 
as you may have wondered
Would I be outlawed
Called a fraud
Or dizzy broad?

As it is, there is nothing more 
(that can be done) 
All is put asunder 
Every shot has past
Every line, was the last cast

(JETodd 2015)

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