Hearts and Parts

Prominently Your melancholy heart laid dripping though pulsing still
as you painted the pain staining
your steps taken in Breath given under bloodied lips
your pain apparent of This body broken under darkened weights
of punches taken And those given (either recklessly or unceremoniously dealt)
promising welts at that time and maybe since
enough to make you wince
*I challenge* That your torture has- or possibly could- end; 
That something could deservedly bend…
Something as big as time or space;
Or something as little as a stem\’s gentle grace
But bend it can through the fright and Toward the light; 
It is yours this deserved love; this overdue healing…
Without getting on or giving in – to much that\’s deep-ened
And reaped by all she was and is and will be still
This magic that knelt and lifted
YOU and sullied parts
To the lightened sights
Of a loving heart

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