Heavenly Flow

Her only flaw
Implied her perfectness
Profoundly and it astounded me
[we are so fragile and yet there is she
Who has only one flaw
And even still how tiny
This flaw remains
And the mountains said all
By what was abstained
And links didn\’t meet
To something as complete
As I shuddered and heard
More than you uttered!
My word! My dear! My word!
The edge crept close
Sipping as some final toast,
She completely wilted
Remotely behind, beyond scope,
The envelop handed just before
She has landed
In lap and bed
Everything crumbled
Beneath what wasn\’t said
What you dont know is that it was I
Who called
Who whispered in shadows
For her arrival
For your revival
And survival
Without me, my dear
I gave vessels of tears
When I had to be here
I am always surprised when something works
Yet I wanted all the extravagant perks
Coming from some Noble running influence on  tricks
In embryonic pleading, I had no real idea what I was needing
I was confused as one bled out
No doubt.   
Few considered that she may need someone
the wind the key tucked into skin and spirit
Assisting her interest though they too had their own
She used it all on others
Bone arched 
As linen starched

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