How the End Revealed Itself

I could not compete with

the arms about you [the ones that matter most]
this which we had planted is cancelled
the reasons simply stated
I have been and but am no more
part of your world enough
to be a part of your future
I leave you to be
so we may not be mistaken
for being forsaken
or something for the taking
you do not belong to me
but to the world
and they who call to you.

It is alright, I was never in it for the fight
they have every right
to call you their own,
I wanted more than you could give me
and you deserve more than I could ever give you
let it be
as it should
It\’s the end
and it should be
it will be better 
for you and me
just you see
and maybe you do already
if so, then
we\’re steadily
where honesty of mind
and integrity of soul melt into the 
only truth
that sets us free
and it will always be
the best kind of lovely

but for now I need separation
in preparation
for this end
and this tragedy
held a mirror to me 
I can only go forward 
with complete honesty

I cannot have secrets
things that are shifty
they eat me alive 
from the inside out,
like a late winter waking and hungry bear
in my isolation, anxiety, and fear
This is the key
This- I can do for thee
But will you release me?


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