Sleeping in that bed I made
I realized that I was more afraid
Of what I couldn\’t do
Of what i didn\’t do
The walls made obvious
I had been delirious 
This thing we had so serious
Walked into and clawed at
Body to door
The reality one abhors
That I had no place
No saving grace 
No right nor right invitation
To embrace what stood 
Where once you were
I called to Her
To gift all good intent
And gentle touch
And in our blessed cup 
Shared her hand
And I begged you to drink
As if it were from me.
Even if it meant
What we had left
Mis- shapenned 
And certainly Not deft 
Maybe there is no substitute
As you say
But who wanted it that way?
Neither you nor me, Really
The tens end
Unless we pretended
It was never ended
As once portended 
[Alas, truth calls 
Await my enthralled
Can\’t you hear it?
I feel I am now
Quite so near to it
So be it
I leave it as I left it 
As it was 
But not just because]

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