Like Institutional Or Parochial Blues

May that frustration be expunged from my soul 
Of all that I cannot control and of that which is given,
May I find appreciation 
(once again) 
for the act of giving instead of what was given
[I always tried to appreciate before I even undid the ribbon]
Now I have these thoughts scarcely hidden

Hand me downs and uniforms
muffled creative freedom 
My expression 
Told me to lump it
Gratitude must trump it
Be a frump in it
Use it everyday
Don\’t forget who paid
At least you have one
Others have none
And look what you can do with the savings…
Who are you trying to impress anyway?

(But)[And] Diminished choice is 
Diminished [power], Expression, And Dignity

(Those in orange
Are still drab)

Biggest deal:
no power to impress even You that way.
Why should you lose out too?

{Spurring resolutions}
(Upon deserving

[[[and the way opened]]]

for gratitude\’s resurrection
and timely reflection
led through the bramble
path of correction
said with new inflection:

Thank you so very much!

No wonder now
why she bought the $255 purse.  Because she could
eventually.  Is it about power and choice and expression and dignity? 

Why not me?
she asked ridiculously…
It\’s just not who or what
I have chosen to be.


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