Not Forgotten

Everyday that you thought
That I had forgotten you
I instead was 
Within walls and work and motherhood
Sending out what I needed also Being what I could
Hidden through hooded view
as scornfull remains of some other day(s) were
kept by another for rebirthing;
a projecting
Defining me
And All of them tasting and twisting with repulsion
That taste that [finally!] ends in this/my 
melancholic but non-retaliatory decision 
Standing way far back a long while
Seeking some inevitable revision
Here\’s something to chew on 
Any one she\’s with
She can pick up on
every clue and decipher another\’s emotional state
Their way, their lives, their weight
Unwanted or unwarranted
Oh no! [knees to ground]
Indeed planted and frantic
Inner ranting 
A Commitment\’s worth
Leaving is the only way
To hear herself
Always seeking gentle outcomes not control 
Intuitively perceiving desires of others as her own.
She\’s as genuine as a mirror only
You can see her when she\’s lonely
And blooming herself again
Boundaries and fences? 
She just recently believed they exist, 
though she had to learn how
How to insist
They stand, though tact was never
Achieved, severing ties
Has never been believed 
Through life and death and otherwise
Laughing Living Creating Reveling
(May 4, 2016)

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