Triumphant Fool

Triumphant Fool

In the flurry [chaos] of daily deeds
[Do not forget] to see each other; to look for each other
Sometimes others slip between [Us and Ours]
Surprise each other and yourself
Embrace reciprocal random-ness
Steer toward/with
beauty, truth, love, and purpose
It is what we make of all of this
I\’m serious
-Ly lost though I write on hoping to find my own
Voice among trappings we face.
I bloom after long bouts of [quiet] peaceful contemplation
But who has that? Dare I say I want more?
…Taking a stand- like some freakish one man band?
I can do it all and even over and over again…

Who am I [not] to?
There is only everything to lose [loved ones bruised]
At any seen or unseen turn…
Enough with trauma and drama {one part declares}
Fighting for … Is no way to live; but living is…

\”Pick me up
Drink that cup
Be what I dreamt and everything I passionately meant
I am more and heading for
[in several \”levels\” (you devils)]
Doors and Keystones eyed.
Wide-eyed Fool once more
Everything great [& not so] in store

I call my soul certain friends forever tethered to
Hear this plea in my humbled need…
May I see the stirring shift beneath the crystals dying and releasing, the frozen and the sleeping
Trusting and bowing to this string-ed-and never-be-ended-thing
We are all in.

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