Without Suitable Words

I say that I want to send my best
est ; it is lacking in oomph 
(listless and faded;! redundant and expected.)!
what is needing to be exacted 
from these mediocre words is
a clarity in my intention,
my desire to comfort your spirit 
and to tell you that I care about what happens to you,
and this which has happened
swells with despair 
with these words I mention 
[I have never sucked so badly at this, !]
incongruously traveling and stumbling befuddling with diminutive tasks
all this -blast-ed crapulence
of papers and inventions of necessity (?) crafted and crated and soon out dated
overly inflated and confiscated
to bins and blenders
over flowing never endings
Away all \”shippity-shaped\”
all which draped
our days with to do\’s and hope to do\’s
Should it come

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