All that I knew
was I wanted to 
spend time with you
not just long ago
in another time 
and in another space 

There is no folding or bending
\’Tis up to the gods
or by some equal (-led) grace
many to one
one might say 
and by some other\’s embrace 
be tempted by
an offer to pray
what ever it needed
what ever it took
Yes, yes
by all means
do everything by the book.
And mean what you say,
as your words disrobe 
your sheltered soul.
Be bold as you are and as humble as you should be,
but always chant,
that I will be me, I will be me.
Not she nor it,
nor something unbit[ten]
by the world\’s worried and worn.
To be known by another
and not simply \’her\’ nor \’she\’
that is the blessing to the blessed.
Or at least something 
neatly, and evenly 

6/20/2008 J.E.Todd

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