It Was This Division Bell

Photo by Mike on

It was this Division bell

That started churning

Coals and ashes


Reviving some hell

Bent un-better

Something much wetter

And heavier still by how we hold it

Unwritten once bitten by fear and revulsion

Nothing could be a better emulsion

Than his revisions to who he said we are


While reading

The News

Our hometown being


While we are


Far away praying

Straining to return

To see these terribly life altering events

Details unknown by us


We’ll see what we bet

Leaving when we did

Running is unending

Toward or from everything we are,

Were, or will become

Create my position instead

Of pushing societal boundaries of my gender’s perceived


Or must I continue

To throw myself in the way

Or in the fronts of the cons

Competing and leaning

Struggling can be a way life

Infuses and reveals strength


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