Puddle Duck

Photo by Andre Moura on Pexels.com

Humbled as


Your way
is sweet and pothole deep.
It catches me 
with syrupy mesmerize-ation.
Black strapped-ly complex
stuck in between everything,
known or dreamt.
You’re Muse embodied.  
Distracting and welcomed.
Conflicted and twisting,
you could be trouble for me;
or I for you.  
further than this 
actually I mean
beyond temptation,  
as our souls know 
what is right and good 
and may it be always 
for the greater good  
let each be muse twirling
through creations exchanged
Never deny any of it.  
we may have been through
but now-
now what, “Puddle-Duck”?

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