Rehearsing Exit

Audio Version: Rehearsing Exit
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In the light
Morning dust
Dancing swirling falling
Stirred by our breath
A moment encapsulated
All that was
[With your final farewell]
[I am unable to tell
Just how far I fell]
This happening
Are you alright?!
Am I okay?
Is anything broken, painful or
(At this moment there is no telling
Nothing but inward felling
Of what should have 
Been said 
Or done)
Is it (It is) just 
To be slain
By you
Nothing more
to do
Smiling slightly
as if to be emptied
publicly, [awkwardly]
Twisted and crumpled 
Swept off your floor
Out your door
{I hang here with reverence,
and soul-speaking prayer}
Where change 
Births something new
and through
May you be well
And without worry
I may have been the one
Who felt she had to hurry
And if i disturbed you
Sadly, I send apology
To those undisclosed places
seeking some closure,
[with composure]
as I did at first
For me- but maybe not 
for you
It was selfish to reach out
And stir the long dead
For instead
Of renewal
Old doors flew open
And perhaps old injuries too
I am so sorry
For all I have done to you
I understand we are through
And it’s the end 
Of our story
Hence forth
Remember our limited time
In Better glory
And I send my {aLL}
For the rest of your journey
In the Light
Morning dust
Dancing swirling falling
Stirred by our Breath
A moment encapsulated
All that was
You were right
It is all a dream
So never run out of steam
and keep dreaming 
your best dreams. 
(JETodd 2015)

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