The Kind of Men Called For

You couldn\’t take a life
and live, he said
it would wreck your fabric of being-
incinerate even;
whole wars are fought again and again
as we as a nation keep thinking 
that the best way to resolve conflict is by killing

In our heroes du jour, 
what kind of men are they calling for?
Crafty killers and blood spillers…
if killing another was so natural, 
why does it mess most up psychological-ly? 
And if it doesn\’t, aren\’t we anyways?

And what of the styles that speak to an incarcerated population?  
Our profitable prison systems gives out ill-fitting shuffles 
that become who he is- 
aiming realistically?(abhorrently)
{saddening and maddening -ly} low 
when one slip leads to four and 
adulthood becomes you quickly inside.

The kind of men called for,
Are not the kind we need
But the ones that greed
Calls to bleed

The kind of men called for 
When war is on the menu
Created by thieves 
and villains galore
This is waste 
of beauty and potential,
Changing what men are called for,
Is essential.

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