Unexpected Diffidence Post Transmission

Slight fingers of ice 
crept down the house;
slowly frozen again
Seemingly in motion
At one time other than now

There is nothing to be heard
hanging on that last word
{wondering} if I will be answered
Have I become considered 
silly or insane or trouble(d)
or needing to stay with the [rubble], 
clean out of -that- bubble?

hope standing on end
as a willow-ed bend
the wait is telling
the heart laments…
with unexpected diffidence
…take leave
…turn and go…
as you may not be 
seen as you are…
but something which
At best?

Best to rest
Without that rather large
Leap in logic

From what corner or nest
have you crept or flew
dust-bunny of diffidence
That blew
Straight into
My main view
The meat of the stew 
the ickiness
of the unclear art [or magic]
of communication
[I thought I was better 
at this
than this]

(JETodd 2015)

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