Audio Version

[Dear] An artist runs naked

becomes known and revealed

woman on rock formation holding a flag
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

Here it stands, raised in fate uncertainly sealed

A flag of you, A marker made

a ready-made serenade?

Would you know me in the dark;

Broken in pieces, fallen all apart?

I saw you before we never met;

in every man that quickened my body’s beat;

in every man that turn and said ready? set?

and emptied my contents openly on the street,

on backseats and grassy field or forbidden lakes

undulating figures in the stolen night

I saw you in the way he awkwardly asked for dates;

in the way he triumphantly laughed or sang that song just right;

I saw you in me; had to back up to a shadow and observe you nervously.

Could I even scramble courage, to approach you now?

Now, that your flag calls bolder than raised brow?

I was happy, I was fine, Emptiness became me

Perhaps we both declared and queried: can’t you see?

when Desire laughed and pointed

this silly girl’s disjointed…

Jill of every trade that distracted her from desires of the heart

that she repeatedly betrayed as if an art

And still the be-deviled being

unrelentingly whispers what I already know

sideways wincing and seeing

I am placating a diagonal tendency of forsaking what I sow

Tell me why you are this disruptively soothing

with your language learned, that your heart refined,

and spent your lifetime tuning.

If you are interested, I know you are worth pursuing;

I’d give you un-returnable time

More than a moment on my dime

Share that deathly space defined by arrow’s spine

Where hearts and lives are on the line.

I want you to know me as I know me.

I want you to hold her gently

I want me to know you as you know you.

I want me to hold you reverently

Under your flag, tell me you are available

step toward this stellar place so attainable,

to risk intertwining two lives rendered

yet still un-begotten and not formally tendered.

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