Should Have Bought a Lincoln

My rusty red beater
On their pristine 
And newly poured curb
Amongst mansions
That cost more to heat
Than the rent I paid
A plume of steam or smoke
Billowed forth from her hood 
As a dragon would 
As blue as my collar
Before shuttering
To end her labor 
With a turn of her 
Worn and loosely held
I stood out
As heads turned
And a few snickered
At least I got here
And she is all mine
As a waitress
A car at all, was divine
The gap was made
In comments
That followed
I thought he was joking
And having fun poking
At me and my ride
Just a friendly chide 
But when no laugh followed
Something in me hollowed
He was serious
And quite curious
Why I wouldn’t have been thinkin’
That I should have bought a Lincoln 

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