I would crash them together

like boats on the lake

or cars on the road

the chaos
the ever so close
tilting head and hip
in between
this and that
I was the queen
not in service
but serviced
quite a dishhhhhhhh
just a sip
a nip
dipped in thick
of business
Of course I would quiver
as did the one 
and only other 
And who, on God’s green earth…
might you be? 
he said, he slithered;
setting the bar
at sex alone
setting his bar
unsettling so
be low
below it all.  
Well shoooot,
it is just little me
I suppose, I thought
I secretly hoped
he’d let “little me” be
How delicious he said
in that way
How quaint and cute 
I am in my suit
I see the line he’s about to cross
as he poises to win or lose
his hand wanders in wrong directions 
and he gets off at getting my attention
Hissing his next words
spitting a little 
with disgusting excitements
in my ear
It was taught to me 
how to handle
your kind..
He started to turn a little pink
a crimson rising 
and jumped a little trying to retrieve his foot
from under my “clumsy” stabbing heel.  
“OOPS pardon [little] me 
I think these are the [pointiest] clumsiest
I have ever worn 
[and used
on duty.  
There is always one like you…]
In the tailored sea of cologned ministers
every shade of reverent blue and humbled grays;
spiced threads of browns and thin-striped pin blacks
it was his clumsiness
always that got her in trouble
The fleshy waves of smiles, smirks, and frowns
Met suspicious, deep, kind, and vacant eyes.
All new and strange
now circled in
corralled by drink tipped limbs
the poking began
before the gin and tonic
they may have well just taken my purse
and tossed it between themselves 
over my head,  
when you walked in
before I had a chance to
resolve the matter
kind of swooped in
But I had it all in hand
[except for my purse]
even before they said
she’s with him 
and implied her proxy place
past their gaze
past their initial plays
but with innumerable unspeakable 
subordinating ways.
Thrown in
To be saved
And a little betrayed
When I had no chance,
But was poised
In my fighting stance.

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