Full Grin Spin

Like a 3D word search popping;
saying and suggesting things I like
and spinning this thing into 
a new center between this time
of now and later;
this place of here and there;
'what ifs' writing scenes where I wonder 
if standing by that tree,
I can imagine your grandness before me;
getting dizzy, looking up and you, looking down
You're new and familiar nature [way] leads to desire 
to know
how you do what you do;
what I could do for you;
how I can be graciously allowed some time?

Vow please, to let this silly thing down easy,
should you like her to move along
Been performing a solo act
Been calling almost as long, to the formless
dieties snickering thru my struggle:
"Let me be where I belong, doing all I should, 
and with those lovers or kin I am to find or be found..."

"I'M RIGHT HERE!" some unfurled flag
sprung automatically as
thin tin strings multiplied between you and I, 
as if we are circling in separate canoes, 
caught in battered and sugared tide.
And if winds and waves separate us, 
I'll still be on your side,
even wrongly still if you take me
for nothing but a ride.




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