At last, a breath so deep

it was taken in and felt
as brightly cold and bold
as water running down and through
replenishing forgotten limbs
and toes
and head and threads
of hopeless whithered ends
swelling; reviving; resurrecting!
For So long, we have been misplaced;
For So long, that we forgot This taste;
this renewal of winning;
of beginning; of chilling!
Spectacles of the limitless
before tingling toeses;
right under our noses!
Shades on- and ready-
we cajole each other and roll-
linking arms as we go!
Yes, Without a wall, Without a line,
instead with every variance
explored by our individual human
souls and minds!
This trip is ours
so say the signs!
(unless I read that one wrong;
then I’ll be sure to work on
our new-improved and soon-to-be-better song;
with my heart steady
of course I’m ready!)

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