This Leaky Boat

compliments from 
lying lips were like
rain thar pelted and puffed
the once dried crumbs
left of the relationship.
problem was; she wasnt hungry
nor could stomach
that regular bread, after finding
too many holes in his thread
and being some subject
or some object
he declared to be the only one who knew how to singularly
and explicitly explain her to others
to define her borders
to have her ship shape n sorted
even if dangerously contorted
in attempt to contain her
with duplicitous lies and shameful frames
to all the others who played
some game with her story
and strummed dull and tinny chords
with their secondary pain
plumped by lies like lakes of rain
in her leaky boat of happiness,
she sang as she skipped out…
Anything but THAT again!
and shouted
“Boop Oop a friggin’ Doop!”

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