Silver Spoor

Pursuing your tracks
discernibly bent and lucidly aligned
merging with your wonderfully kooky signs
A matter of worth and worthiness
mixed with time and willingness
and recognition of our condition
as an unsettled sticky separation
Our restraints have a criminal likeness
in our distanced and gated related-ness
Down the road and without direction
I am steering but You are correcting
and together we spun silly and serious
into this something mysterious

Your kind word,
a mention that could be kindled
a wink to be bridled
a wiggle of a finger,
will let me linger in it
Bring it and say it’s for me
And We could be everyday gifts for two
a life by our stitched-together-rules and rule
not unlike rare begotten jewels;
forged by the hot world pressing us together…
Now I am steadily ready, aren’t you?
I do not claim to know what to do,
Adding a blessed ‘yet’
though knowing for a while that we’re a set
for two apart is a pair misused
and a part of both unused

Of course we’d look good together
like a croc’ and a ‘gator
or something else a wee bit safer
Turn to take chase and I’ll un-shelf myself
Catch me and you’ll remember
I was never not yours
and we were always ours
Hours dreamt and meant
every word I treacherously fumbled
foolishly and so humbled
when they were finally, daringly, sent
when time charged us both,
such tender measured rent

Happiness sometimes brings
the wolves in, you know…
a smile like winning:
that is what they once insidiously stole
Cracked with their chisels of
envy-colored deeds,
opportunistic gainful greed,
and habitual ritual of infantile squeaks
left me separated and whipped into stiff peaks…
that Never stopped burning.
I remember turning
into dust When we blew it
But now, I'm holding breath
and never been more ready
To defend these crooked little bends
against those beasts to fire-y ends
of this smoky emerald ‘world done in’
I would rather have us begin to spin
in revolutionary orbit
in rickety rocketry
than never take chances to pursue
and touch your loving sky
and encapsulated soul again

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