I am a writer, poet, mixed media artist, and life-long creative from Wisconsin, in the United States.

Writing journals since I was about 14, I was fortunate to have a loving grandmother who would write me letters to emulate. She taught me the power of well placed words that lessened the perceived distance and left me feeling as though we were together; right there, in her world. These sincere offerings of her time and efforts impacted me greatly.

Much of my adult experiences were growth opportunities in communication. As a young adult, I challenged my innate shyness through the fires of public speaking as a “costumed interpretor of history” at one of Wisconsin’s living history museums. Here I greatly enjoyed offering immersive educational historical experiences with children and adult visitor groups from all over the world while constantly learning about immigrant life in in the mid to late nineteenth century.

Later I was trained in non-violent communication at a midwest leadership school where I served afterward as instructor, archivist, dean, and chairperson. After becoming a minority-faith chaplain, my verbal and writing skills were further practiced as a guest speaker at Unitarian Universalist and other midwestern churches, sharing ideas about religious inclusion and equality for minority faith groups. Soon I was creating and facilitating small group activities, ceremonies, and services for adults, children, incarcerated peoples, and for diverse audiences. I was honored to have few of my contemplative pieces chosen to be published in various spiritual magazines.

Currently, the quietude of living in the woods of central Wisconsin has me working on several new writing adventures. Though a life-long artist, two- and three-dimensional artworks are spinning out faster in my pandemic-induced gear shift also. I have ecstatically begun to have a few included in art publications. I aspire to exhibit my work in galleries, art shows, and in further publication and to possibly sell more of what comes forth. I feel my experiences are coming full circle with a desire to share my passion for artmaking and creative experimentation, possibly by teaching classes in the future locally or abroad should residencies become more available.