This Leaky Boat

compliments from lying lips were likerain thar pelted and puffedthe once dried crumbs left of the relationship.problem was; she wasnt hungrynor could stomachthat regular bread, after findingtoo many holes in his threadand being some subjector some objecthe declared to be the only one who knew how to singularlyand explicitly explain her to othersto define her … Continue reading This Leaky Boat


Mickey me thin-lyon the top or even plainlyby your attention;by your story,needing is too needyconsider me not unseemlyAgain I wonder for far too longlyjust how odd, awkward, or slicklyyou sent me up cleanlyand yet some are not anything but dirtyhow you deal it and steal it not unlike someone so rooted deeply and formed unquicklyby … Continue reading Cheers

M*A*S*H Up

Audio Version of M*A*S*H Up "Father Mulcahy (William Christopher), M*A*S*H, 10.03 (1981) Courtesy of An Obsession A Week" Nothing hotter than  Col. Potter Except maybe Father Mulcahy Doing duty to  Man and God Each in their own  -way that's odd And un -usual Rare even  Beyond believin' Revolving around  love And respect And honor And … Continue reading M*A*S*H Up