Blessings To All, However You Grieve

To the quieter onesWhose sobbing is withinBehind things and what has beenMay you find comfort in chosen sanctuary, As the absence of your lightsgives notice andCasts the longest shadowsIn these our living rooms...Blessings to all, however you grieve.To the humorous and awkwardWhose grieving pulls at their centerAnd sometimes knocks another off their own...May you share your … Continue reading Blessings To All, However You Grieve


It was supposedTo be worth itIf we would have created A lifeTogetherWorth bending rulesBecause What we had before wasClearly Not what we wantedAnymoreNow there is NothingThough we stackedAll the glasses lovinglyNeatlyCompletely readyFor yearsUntil dust settled One last timeAnd after drinkingFrom themA libation to What could have beenI waited someThen walked awayFrom the skeletal thingsDe-fleshed and hollowAnd in the mirrored viewA foolWho … Continue reading Supposedly