There is no longer devotion to this emotionI\'m ready to drop itAnd tell you to stop it.You and your cadillacyou hemophiliacrunning on emptywhat now, what nowis there some corrective action? Or have you found satisfaction?Someone had to lose?Is it that one- with the bruise?Will they be making the headline news?You\'re cut and angrybut only on camera.Shall I need … Continue reading Perforated

Like No Other

There is no otherTo talk with or toAnd my simple uneducatedMind cannot possibly have something of worth to hearBut doPlay with crayons and pastaIts the best gilded things of glitter and stringsAnd at least you\'ll get an \'aw\'Or what the heckOr whateverIts just a decade or a decade and a half or soPerhaps you need … Continue reading Like No Other


Where would one get such a sharpened tongue?One must wonderwhat world would wind one so tightly?And at what point can one wield it well?Does thy tongue dull with time or get sharper still- by the day?  Were you always this way?No one would choose to be so tightly wound - I say...but that one\'s readyready to … Continue reading Tormentum