Your lips that pull my attention and your salient voice should share laughter and whether it is with another or each other, it is wished for. At times I wonder if I remember, or will need to remember, how to kiss or be kissed. For a brief silly moment I thought I would try to … Continue reading levels

Declarative Statement (or a lot of -still- ness)

Audio Version: Declarative Statement (or a lot of -still- ness) Photo by Tobi on Pexels.com {yikes} Okay,  that was read on a heavy day with a heavy heart okay, I admit. I don't [want to?] get it   Must mystery be  if we must part please I ask you do not replace  mystery for mystery … Continue reading Declarative Statement (or a lot of -still- ness)

Bowing Out

The inevitable conclusionWith the infusionOf recent disappointmentsHave not made anything but dentsIn this that is already beaten and tornOur Everything is just so freakin\' wornOut and burned outAs the torch you once carriedNow out because it was hurriedAlong before I was thought ofReplaced and out-facedBy the book that keeps Your everything burning,This that was once An imbedded … Continue reading Bowing Out