Silver Spoor

“Silver Spoor” 👣🕵🏻‍♀️💘🐺🐊🚀 “…Of course we’d look good together 
like a croc’ and a ‘gator 
or something else a wee bit safer…” [full poem on link with translation options] #poetry #wordsalad #relationships #kooky #storytelling #distance #love #wisconsinartist #writing #writingpoetry

This Leaky Boat

compliments from lying lips were likerain thar pelted and puffedthe once dried crumbs left of the relationship.problem was; she wasnt hungrynor could stomachthat regular bread, after findingtoo many holes in his threadand being some subjector some objecthe declared to be the only one who knew how to singularlyand explicitly explain her to othersto define her … Continue reading This Leaky Boat

Done waiting

When distilled, what remains Is what stares back Truth that at one long stretch was diluted and reconstituted With joy at finding Entanglement before knowing Face and name This time Remembered Fuzzy as a webbed and dusty Interpreted painting In forgotten and rediscovered halls.


Fractured is the best way to describe the functioning (?)the tick in her expression, the clink in the engineall because of the fracture chipped and cleavedseparated but alivelike the worm dividedwiggles awkward tho (some how)successfully on...Despite its endless longingfor wholenessin spite of what cannot be undoneSuch a small divide at firstsome called it hairlinehere then theresoon obvious to … Continue reading Fraction


This Plainly Jane-d juggernaut dreaming Worlds of kind living yet still one of losing, but instead of life and wonder, it would be just little things like keys and minds in ecstatic jubilation  We touched and changed Each other in the clothes we wore  Out and about  Jiggling free and kind of creepily But very … Continue reading Juggernaut

For These Recruits

More than a hundred maybe even twothey came and were released like helium balloons roaming clouds but here, here it is not clouds but space where we once sang, and prayed, and we wonder whywe have no place no community spaceto share our grief, our triumphs, no equalled time to gather strength in facing personal … Continue reading For These Recruits

Rainy but with Light and Rainbows

That day i sent that long dead thing down the river past memories made And tinted by mud and blood and bone Let me not yawn so long past this; past dawn of ennui and futility I am electrically leaning back and towards Those unfamiliar and \"Other\" doors,found at first by unfamiliar floors- but doorways- … Continue reading Rainy but with Light and Rainbows