Our Returning

Our returning was without hesitancya sweetness tinged the fireburning like love carmelizeda fantasy realizedunconscious effortsof finding another waycloserto the damp and promising earthburied and reflecting in eyesreaching when the ropecouldntbefore it broke in it’s untwistingwe could flyif it meant assistingin our preservationForin our grand silencewe were struckas if seeing shadowsof gods behind us

Silent Injustices

What a terrible series of battering must have happened to make a monster like that; disregarding pain in pleasure, chewing relentlessly on another's confidence and accomplishments... To this dim light dying in the dark, this love; this uncomplicated fuel, is for you. I see you in there. In corners and cracks, under shoes and without … Continue reading Silent Injustices


Dance with meIn words with witWe understandTogether still;Never blandIt\'s understood:Apart we WiltHere it is(((Today)))BlessedMade whole [holy]Your words aloneLifting me [Her Tipsiness] to lips in [deserved?] readiness This simple Act transformingHaving summonedSomething enigmaticRests on hand as delicate as The molting thingsIn their beginningsWet and unfurlingUnhurried [but in the grand picture-quickly still]Wings outstretchingSoon testingStrengthBeliefTo thy soul\'sGreatest reliefGood grief...-May 2016 JETodd 

Affinity Missed

While you are close and your breath falls to shoulderThis mind races with the sensationof souls commingling... here and now I am yoursendeavoring to join you in anythingyou are venturing towardswhat is this skin to skinbut electrons dancingbodies respondingswirling (mingling merging, blended in the mixture of) emotionsboth mine and yoursof all you are and all … Continue reading Affinity Missed