Your hand caught on a thread of me that pulled in continuity and I unraveled in your absence and felt plucked of that which covered the delicate parts of me. stunned and a little aghast perhaps he did not notice that which bound us in the stillness where screams fogged one side of the inner … Continue reading Shiver

Affinity Missed

While you are close and your breath falls to shoulderThis mind races with the sensationof souls commingling... here and now I am yoursendeavoring to join you in anythingyou are venturing towardswhat is this skin to skinbut electrons dancingbodies respondingswirling (mingling merging, blended in the mixture of) emotionsboth mine and yoursof all you are and all … Continue reading Affinity Missed

Super Suits

You still are in possession of those powersto heave me -opened belly-up, with a sideways and unexpected glance,and this time your kind flattery implies missingthis silly overgrown patch of flirtatious and fatigued letters and regrets.I denied believing that I wouldn\'t stop thinking of it- or you-until I acted, first re-acting/ reversing my logicAll that stops … Continue reading Super Suits