Stand With Me

because i need you to because you need me too also because we have everything we need and we are in easy control to laugh at speed, space, or time and anything that turns on our dime. this could be love or regret oh shit, now i forget.not yet?not yet.let’s not forgetwhat we were laughing … Continue reading Stand With Me

Hearts and Parts

Prominently Your melancholy heart laid dripping though pulsing stillas you painted the pain stainingyour steps taken in Breath given under bloodied lipsyour pain apparent of This body broken under darkened weightsof punches taken And those given (either recklessly or unceremoniously dealt)promising welts at that time and maybe sinceenough to make you wince*I challenge* That your … Continue reading Hearts and Parts

Hypnagogic Vision

What if I answered the question As if it was asked? By someone who demanded an answer. Fuck, that's it. Let this experiment rip. To the one(s) arriving(again) soon I want. I am afraid That if i speak it Define it and truly want it That it won't come That I am not enough [yet? … Continue reading Hypnagogic Vision