Silver Spoor

“Silver Spoor” 👣🕵🏻‍♀️💘🐺🐊🚀 “…Of course we’d look good together 
like a croc’ and a ‘gator 
or something else a wee bit safer…” [full poem on link with translation options] #poetry #wordsalad #relationships #kooky #storytelling #distance #love #wisconsinartist #writing #writingpoetry

Our Returning

Our returning was without hesitancya sweetness tinged the fireburning like love carmelizeda fantasy realizedunconscious effortsof finding another waycloserto the damp and promising earthburied and reflecting in eyesreaching when the ropecouldntbefore it broke in it’s untwistingwe could flyif it meant assistingin our preservationForin our grand silencewe were struckas if seeing shadowsof gods behind us

Stand With Me

because i need you to because you need me too also because we have everything we need and we are in easy control to laugh at speed, space, or time and anything that turns on our dime. this could be love or regret oh shit, now i forget.not yet?not yet.let’s not forgetwhat we were laughing … Continue reading Stand With Me

Unexpected Diffidence Post Transmission

Slight fingers of ice crept down the house;drips slowly frozen againSeemingly in motionAt one time other than nowThere is nothing to be heardhanging on that last word{wondering} if I will be answeredOr Have I become considered silly or insane or trouble(d)or needing to stay with the [rubble], clean out of -that- bubble?hope standing on endas a willow-ed bendthe wait is … Continue reading Unexpected Diffidence Post Transmission

Without Suitable Words

When I say that I want to send my bestest ; it is lacking in oomph (listless and faded;! redundant and expected.)!what is needing to be exacted from these mediocre words isa clarity in my intention,my desire to comfort your spirit and to tell you that I care about what happens to you,and this which has happenedswells with despair with … Continue reading Without Suitable Words


Dance with meIn words with witWe understandTogether still;Never blandIt\'s understood:Apart we WiltHere it is(((Today)))BlessedMade whole [holy]Your words aloneLifting me [Her Tipsiness] to lips in [deserved?] readiness This simple Act transformingHaving summonedSomething enigmaticRests on hand as delicate as The molting thingsIn their beginningsWet and unfurlingUnhurried [but in the grand picture-quickly still]Wings outstretchingSoon testingStrengthBeliefTo thy soul\'sGreatest reliefGood grief...-May 2016 JETodd 

Hypnagogic Vision

What if I answered the question As if it was asked? By someone who demanded an answer. Fuck, that's it. Let this experiment rip. To the one(s) arriving(again) soon I want. I am afraid That if i speak it Define it and truly want it That it won't come That I am not enough [yet? … Continue reading Hypnagogic Vision