Meat Carver

In this tactile antiquated impulseYou revealed yourselfmore clearly than rolling in ink;naked, downhillThat's all of me right therein dusty charcoal; in stinky ink,laid outIn this pinked sheer reaching hand in;shoulder deep darknessgrasping at something detachingtoo smallSo that's it? That's my all? Or all that's possible,for this un-papered thing reaching?[Never better and not possibly more than … Continue reading Meat Carver


I wouldn\'t know howWas told not to wonder or worry about thatwhen it is all I dolet it go, I didn\'t know,I may not want to knowyour truthgiven anyways springing from catapulted omissionsdriven through banks burstingopenwalls as doors and windows gaping clustered in skeletal defiance of willmystery brimmed in the waking from one dream into dreams … Continue reading Unfantastic


There is for some, no waking from the slumber chosen.With comfort and ease,not challenge nor trust,the fibers frayed,and some decayed,and started to untwist.Now how could you miss my outstretched mitts?What else was worth holding,when our world began unravelling?I\'ve retied our tetherwrapped into and through our centerbut while I rethinkhow to coax you from your sleep,I\'ll watch the weather,and … Continue reading Insouciance


In the Wind I spunThree arrows drawnUphill tilting in thisWind belowFurrowed brow and tested focusThis is all there isTo her hocus pocusKept in drawn and waiting stance,Trembling less but thenMore againIn this directionThe one un-predictedLeaving some othersQuite betwixt-edRead out loud and read aloneThis undone story[meant to be the best-estStory of all her stories]Ripened and hardenedPerfected … Continue reading Accuracy


There is no longer devotion to this emotionI\'m ready to drop itAnd tell you to stop it.You and your cadillacyou hemophiliacrunning on emptywhat now, what nowis there some corrective action? Or have you found satisfaction?Someone had to lose?Is it that one- with the bruise?Will they be making the headline news?You\'re cut and angrybut only on camera.Shall I need … Continue reading Perforated