Not Forgotten

Everyday that you thoughtThat I had forgotten youI instead was WithdrawnWithin walls and work and motherhoodSending out what I needed also Being what I couldHidden through hooded viewas scornfull remains of some other day(s) werekept by another for rebirthing;a projectingDefining meAnd All of them tasting and twisting with repulsionThat taste that [finally!] ends in this/my melancholic but … Continue reading Not Forgotten

Obvious One

Yes just onecatching some alone timemeditatinglistening to noisespretending they\'re wordsmaybe claiming to understandthose from the birdsor something absurd.dedicating some time to mejust shethat winds on and on and onabout this feeling or that inkling of jars full of what we need, therebut somehow out of reachwho may I beseech but some noble and flawed god,under squeaky cries and … Continue reading Obvious One

A Little At First

It stung a little at first; a petal of pain amongst (endless?)blooming of love and comfort which allowed immediate forgivenesswhen we beganNow I see it was these cracks that in our foundation eroded our everythingdoomed from the start of that first forgivenessHow did I get here from there I wondered from cuddled and loved to some hazed and … Continue reading A Little At First