This cage among otherswas once empty with slightly bent bars,But now, with the animal still within,Evidence outside, tells it was there;At one time free,But returned to captivityWillingly?!Is it love?Or fear?Or just mystery?Our desire to returnOr at least seeFrom whence we cameWas the beginningOf all things, and became echoed in space and time,This rippling that carries us each On … Continue reading Captured

Super Suits

You still are in possession of those powersto heave me -opened belly-up, with a sideways and unexpected glance,and this time your kind flattery implies missingthis silly overgrown patch of flirtatious and fatigued letters and regrets.I denied believing that I wouldn\'t stop thinking of it- or you-until I acted, first re-acting/ reversing my logicAll that stops … Continue reading Super Suits