Audio Version [Dear] An artist runs naked becomes known and revealed Here it stands, raised in fate uncertainly sealed A flag of you, A marker made a ready-made serenade? Would you know me in the dark; Broken in pieces, fallen all apart? I saw you before we never met; in every man that quickened my … Continue reading Flagged

On the Banks He Stood

Audio Version: On the Banks He Stood Photo by Marstion on Pexels.com On the banks he stood Far apart but on the root Of that which held her and him up And out like a hat brim tipped The willow leg stretched and dipped Through silt, and muck Looking as stuck As she was once … Continue reading On the Banks He Stood

She Only Likes Spiders

She only likes spiders That she knows Already Not those whose toes and stripes She has not seen before They could jump or run quickly They could be quite Ugly with enormous fangs hanging down Sharp and still Waiting or leaping For her! (This stranger-spider's Next kill) Are we crazy? Ask her to capture This … Continue reading She Only Likes Spiders